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597Masked Booby

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  • Bob Miller
    Jan 4, 2002
      Am I missing something here? I thought the cliffs were kind of dangerous and off limits, therefore the rails along the trails. So, if it is ok for birders to climb all over them, what the heck, why would anyone complain of teenagers climbing them at night. Do the birds resting there in the day time not need as much respect as the ones roosting there at night? The third email I saw on SDBirds, after I posted about having pictures on our website, was from someone who was concerned that the "photographers" would scare it off. My first thought was that he did not realize that the pictures were taken from the side of the street and on the same trail that everyone is supposed to be on. Then I read that people were taking pictures within ten feet and I thought man, that bird has moved really close!!
      Am I going to see pictures on the front page of the Union -Tribune of birders and bird photographers climbing all over the cliffs? Boy, there is a great way to set an example. Tomorrow will be the first weekend since the discovery of the Masked Booby and I will bet that many of you are headed out to see this most awesome bird. I can tell you it is beautiful and that I had every bit of a life look at a life bird from where we were meant to be.
      Please tell me that this, (my first ever public rant, I think?), is way off base and I totally misunderstood what is going on out there!
      PS, enjoy your trip to see the Masked Booby!!

      {}~~{} BOB MILLER
      Imperial, CA
      SouthWest Birders

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