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5957Re: [CALBIRDS] I’ll stew that Smew

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  • Bruce Deuel
    Feb 1, 2007
      It's a good thing for all the Dr. Seuss-rhyme imitators that the bird wasn't a jacana!


      Bruce Deuel
      Environmental Scientist
      Cantara Program
      Departmento of Fish and Game
      Redding, CA
      (530) 225-2143

      >>> Thomas Miko <thomas.miko@...> 1/31/2007 10:58 PM >>>
      I’ll stew that Smew
      that’s what I’ll do
      When I get through telling you
      that’s what you’d would want to do, too

      I’d caught bird flu
      Achoo! Achoo!
      I must drive north
      To see the Smew

      I must see this
      Hungarian duck
      Since the return
      Of my birding luck

      Deposit paycheck
      At the bank
      Make sure I have
      A full gas tank

      Gloves? Hat?
      Binos? Scope
      I drive from Claremont
      Full of hope

      Highway Ten to the Five
      Then the Highway Ninety-nine
      In six short hours
      You’ll be mine

      L.A. County
      Kern, Tulare,
      I’ve heard that this duck
      Is quite wary

      Stanislaus, Mariposa,
      Madera, Merced
      That little white duck
      Has me seeing red

      I stand there in the freezing cold
      I’ve put my life two days on hold
      I stand there at this stupid lake
      To see a duck, for goodness sake!

      To see this duck I’ve called in sick
      So he pulls a dirty trick
      When I get there he’s flown away
      To reappear another day

      We stand there in the freezing cold
      He was here yesterday
      we’re told
      This duck hunt’s getting really old

      I hate this duck!
      I do, I do
      I hate this Smew
      Wouldn’t you?

      Enough of these Seuss-like poems
      Causing Calbirds readers’ moans
      This little Smew I must produce
      To stop writing like Dr Seuss

      To stay warm I stomp my feet
      This duck and I will never meet
      Start up the car
      and declare defeat

      Thomas Miko (Mikó Tamás)


      653 S. Indian Hill Blvd., #C
      Claremont, CA 91711
      34.109167 N, 117.718293 W

      home: (909) 445-1456
      cell: (626) 390-1935
      work: (323) 226-7855

      "Luck favors the backbone, not the wishbone."-Doyle Brunson

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