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579Masked Booby seen 1/1/2002

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  • Michael U. Evans
    Jan 1, 2002
      The adult plumaged Masked Booby was seen again Tuesday
      morning at the cave-area pelican roost at La Jolla Cove, in La Jolla,
      San Diego County. Birders looked for this bird from about 6:30 but
      the bird turned up briefly at 9:30, perched with pelicans, then flew
      south along the coast. The directions below were taken from an email
      from Stan Walens, who refound the bird Monday night, and alerted
      several other local birders. The bird was first reported Sunday, but
      without a supporting description.

      A male Harlequin Duck was seen again this morning at the De
      Anza Cove Resort, near the boat-launching ramp and pier; this private
      resort is in the extreme NE part of Mission Bay, in San Diego.
      Additionally, a female plumaged Long-tailed Duck was reported from
      the far eastern end of the San Diego River Floodway, E-of Sea World,
      from the E-end of the frontage road on the north side of the river.
      The bird could not be refound this morning.

      Mike Evans
      SDFO Rare Birds

      > >From the South:
      > Take Rte 5 North to the Ardath Road exit, about 8 miles north of Rte 8.
      > Continue over the hill and down into La Jolla.
      > >From the North:
      > There is no exit to Ardath Road from Rte 5 South, and meandering through
      > La Jolla from the north can be quite confusing. It is easiest to take
      > Rte 5 South to Rte 52 East, go one exit to Regents Road, turn left and
      > go under the freeway and then left again onto Rte 52 West. Rte 52 West
      > become Ardath Road as it crosses over the hill into La Jolla.
      > Continue over the hill and down into La Jolla.
      > At the bottom of the hill you will come to 4 traffic lights within about
      > 1/10 mile, as Ardath, North Torrey Pines Road, and La Jolla Shores Drive
      > all meet. Continue straight. (At this point Ardath Road changes its name
      > to [plain old, not North] Torrey Pines Road.)
      > After the 4th light, get in the right-hand lane and continue on Torrey
      > Pines Road for 7/10 mile. The two lanes will widen into three just
      > before Prospect Avenue, which is the first traffic light you come to
      > after the 4 you've passed that were all together.
      > Make a right on Prospect Avenue. In 2 blocks, Prospect will split in
      > two. The left-hand fork stays at the same level as you've been on, the
      > right-hand fork goes down a hill and becomes Cave Street.
      > In 100 yards you will pass the old Shell Shop on your right. Continue
      > down the hill about another 100 yards and park. (If you've come to the
      > stop sign, you've gone 150 yards too far.)
      > There is a walkway along the cliffs, and there is a small turnout in the
      > walkway. From that turnout, look back towards the Shell Shop (east).
      > There is a large cliff-face sticking out into the Cove, called the Clam.
      > The booby was last seen from 5:00-7:30 p.m. (still there when we left)
      > roosting on one of the lower shelves along the left-hand (NW) side of
      > the Clam.

      Michael U. Evans
      San Diego, CA

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