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5787Re: [CALBIRDS] Trumpeter Swan

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  • QuiAvisPetit@aol.com
    Jan 6, 2007
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      Tom and others,
      Myself and several other birders such as Joan Humphrey, Rob Fowler, Kerry
      Ross, and Dan Singer paid close attention to this swan. None of us saw any
      field mark that supported Trumpeter Swan. The bill shape to me supported Tundra
      Swan. The looks were distant. The only thing that caught our attention was
      that it seemed larger than the Tundras around it. Nothing makes me believe it
      or any swans around it were anything other than Tundra Swans.

      Daryl Coldren

      In a message dated 1/6/2007 3:24:01 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      thomas.miko@... writes:

      I was waiting for someone else who was on the boat yesterday to say
      something: in this flock of appr. 100 Tundra Swans there was this one adult swan that
      was a big monster. We did not succeed in photographing it, but this adult
      bird appeared to be and several others to be an adult Trumpeter. That's what I
      am putting in my birding diary. If more details needed, please call my cell
      (I am at work tonight (Saturday).

      Thomas Miko (Mikó Tamás)

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