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5752Santa Barbara & Goleta: Chestnut-collared Longspur and Zone-tailed Hawk

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  • Birders2@aol.com
    Dec 31 8:50 PM

      Irma and I saw the Chestnut-collared Longspur in Elings Park today at 10:50
      to 11:10, when we left. We found the bird south (ocean side) of the trail
      between the dirt bike jumps and the wood-ramp/wood pile. The bird came to us
      to the point that it was past our close focus distance of six feet. Its chest
      seems blacker than in the pictures that have been posted and it had what
      appeared to be an engorged tick just below its bill on the right side of its

      After making two trips to North Fairview Ave and Cuesta Verda in Goleta, we
      saw the Zone-tailed Hawk sitting just north of Cuesta Verda (assuming Fairview
      runs north and south) on a telephone poll for about ten minutes before it
      flew off into the fields to the west. This was about 3;45 PM

      Great way to end a year!

      Happy New Year,

      John (One of Birders2)

      John + Irma = 2, we are birders, too.

      John C. LeVine Birders2@... Los Angeles, CA

      "Whatever the reason for this particular bird's presence,
      I am delighted to have …(it)…sharing our bit of earth."
      From David Kline's "Scratching the Woodchuck - Nature on an Amish Farm"

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