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5662RE: Ross's Gull update - Sunday 11/19/06

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  • John Green
    Nov 19, 2006
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      I arrived in mid-afternoon Sunday and stayed until dark. The Ross's Gull
      did not return during that time, or at any time after the early morning
      sightings noted below. Many just missed it in the morning and spent the
      whole day there. As a consolation prize, one of the Lesser Black-backed
      Gulls was refound in late afternoon, as was the Piping Plover.

      Anyone refinding the Ross's Gull, please call the So Cal Birdbox (818)
      952-5502 (5) if you can't get a message to the internet. There are a lot of
      disappointed people (like me) who would love a second chance, and the sooner
      the word gets out, the better!


      John Green

      Riverside, CA

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      Guy McCaskie spoke to Scott Terrill who spent Sunday morning at Red Hill.
      The Ross's Gull was seen only by birders who were present at dawn. The bird
      then flew east along the shoreline and had not been relocated as of noon.
      Anyone looking for this bird tomorrow would be advised to arrive before

      Therese Clawson

      Guy McCaskie
      954 Grove Avenue
      Imperial Beach, CA 91932

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