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5480Northern and Eastern Mojave Sept 27-Oct 1

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  • vireos44
    Oct 1 6:23 PM
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      The Blackpoll Warbler was still at Zzyzx on Weds, the 27th.
      On Thursday, there were 5 Red-naped Sapsuckers (RNSA) at Crystal
      Spring, including 4 in one small tree. One of the sapsuckers had an
      all-white throat, but in all other respects resembled a female RNSA.
      Horse Thief Springs had an Ovenbird, American Redstart, and my first
      junco of the year, a Pink-sided. There was also a Blackpoll Warbler
      in Shoshone. On Friday, a Northern Waterthrush was at Furnace Creek
      in Death Valley, and an American Redstart was at Scotty's Castle.
      There were also 8 RNSA at Scotty's, including one that at first
      glance appeared to be a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (YBSA) in an
      unusually advanced stage of molt. The barring on the back was well-
      spread, and had the characteristic dingy brownish yellow color of
      YBSA. The nape appeared to lack any red, but at 40X in the scope, I
      could see a slight hint of red at the periphery of the nape.
      Combined with the fact that the broad border to the throat was
      infiltrated with red, I'd say the bird was a YBSA x RNSA hybrid. On
      Sat, the 30th, there were 3 Bobolinks at Furnace Creek. Today, the
      Wood Thrush was still at Crystal Spring. A Western Scrub-Jay
      (Woodhouse) was at Beck Spring. An Indigo Bunting and 16 Greater
      White-fronted Geese were at the Baker ponds. Lastly, a Tennessee
      Warbler was in the last large tamarisk tree before the trail to the
      springs at Zzyzx.

      Jim Pike
      Huntington Beach