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5421RE: [CALBIRDS] Pelagic trips

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  • Bernardo Alps
    Sep 19, 2006
      Hi, Sasha et al.

      There are many different kinds of pelagic trips in Southern California. The
      Los Angeles Audubon Society offers a nice assortment.
      http://www.laaudubon.org/ . Here you can also find the very useful seasonal
      abundance lists by Todd McGrath and Jon Feenstra. They are not on the site
      right now, but I've been assured that they are being updated and will be
      posted again soon. The "Condor Express" out of Santa Barbara runs a few good
      trips. http://www.condorcruises.com/ . And after you get hooked you will
      want to graduate to the "Searcher" trips http://www.bajawhale.com/ . The ABA
      has a calendar of pelagic trips online at
      http://www.americanbirding.org/resources/pelagics.html . That covers the
      whole country and is posted at the beginning of the year.

      Monitoring CALBIRDS is also a good way to receive reminders and to find out
      about the few odd trips that are not listed in the places mentioned above.

      Take care,


      Bernardo Alps
      San Pedro, CA

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      I will be moving to southern California (south of LA) in early October
      (first free weekend will be the weekend of the 14th), and have a few

      First, where can I find more information on upcoming pelagic trips? I
      would be very interested in going on a pelagic trip, having never seen
      a shearwater, petrel, or most of the other pelagic species in CA (not
      too many of them get to Wisconsin).

      Second, I am very interested in hearing or seeing a black rail; where
      are the best places to listen/look for them, and what times of the
      year is it likely to hear/see them?

      I apologize if these are topics discussed in a recent post.

      Thanks for your help,
      Sasha Keyel
      Trabuco Canyon (in a few weeks anyhow)

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