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5344Salton Sea, ROSP, TRHE, BFBO

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  • scre@aol.com
    Sep 2, 2006
      Greetings birders, first many thanks to Guy McCaskie and John Sterling for
      posting about the spoonbill and Tricolored Heron earlier. Today (friday)
      Oscar Johnson, Colin Wilkinson, Leigh Johnson, Alex, and myself birded around the
      Salton Sea today. Forgive any errors or omissions I've been up for about 22
      hours now. We started at the north end of the sea with amazing looks at the
      BLUE-FOOTED BOOBY at the Whitewater River Mouth. Our day slowed with highly
      being annoyed by an absence of the Piping Plover, however this proved
      fruitful later in the day. Before leaving Leigh and Alex we did manage to find a
      Bank Swallow, which to me had been a jinx bird in Imperial. In the late
      afternoon we parted ways with Leigh and Alex and worked our way up English Rd
      where we had a Pectoral Sandpiper in a flooded field. We headed down Schrimpf
      and just passed Davis Rd when a very pink wader flew over our car. All three
      of us started stammering before one of us finally shouted out SPOONBILL. We
      quickly found the young ROSEATE SPOONBILL in a pond just north of the road
      however the bird flushed north and we followed trying the end of McDonald Rd
      where it hits the sea. As we approached birds flushed and while I was telling
      Guy about the spoonbill Oscar quickly spotted a juvie TRICOLORED HERON flying,
      soon we had both birds in view and they landed next to each other and
      apparently at one time they got into a bit of a conflict. Unfortunately soon after
      the Heron flew out over the sea headed toward the Red Hill Marina, later the
      Spoonbill flushed headed out toward Alamo River Mouth. We had checked this
      area earlier in the morning without seeing too much and by the evening there
      were a lot more birds. Of note we also had ~6 Common Terns here. Lots of
      birds around who knows what else may still be out there. Good Birding

      David Vander Pluym
      Ventura, Ca

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