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5264Piping Plover at Salton Sea

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  • Bob Miller
    Aug 7, 2006
      Hi all,

      Good looks at the Piping Plover found at the Salton Sea by Oscar Johnson this afternoon. (Thanks for the call Oscar!) There were about eight birders there when I arrived. Good stream of birders coming in as I left as well and the breeze was starting to die down. The breeze was the only thing that made standing out there for several hours bearable! Will it be there tomorrow? Your guess is as good as mine. Morning light would be the best as you will be looking directly to the west. Here is where to begin looking if you do come down. On the south east end of the Salton Sea, Sinclair Road to Garst Road to Red Hill Marina. Go left when you come onto Red Hill. Follow it around to and then past the boat launch and up the small rise to park on the flat area at the picnic tables and raised BBQ pits in the saddle between the two peaks of Red Hill. Look out on the sea to the west and you will see the sandbar (barnicales actually) seperated by a stretch of shallow water. There is a large plywood duck hunting blind on the sandbar and several more of them to the north of that. The Piping Plover spent almost the entire time within the first 50 feet north of that first blind. You will have to follow the well worn trail and walk out to the point to the north and west of you to get close enough for a good look. Snowy Plover and Semipalmarted Plover are there for comparison. The Piping Plover is very agressive (proper term!?) towards the Semipalm's and was putting on quite a show.

      An umbrella might look silly but you would probably get a good price from the highest bidder when you leave!

      See ya at the sea...........

      {}~~{} BOB MILLER

      Southwest Birders
      108 West I Street
      Brawley, CA. 92227
      Imperial County
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