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5261Green Heron Sacramento Southside Park

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  • Al Knoll
    Aug 7 11:36 AM
      Southside Park 2115 6th Street Sacramento. After a morning jaunt to
      the Organic Farmer's Market to battle for tomatoes and -real- corn we
      strolled across the park with the pond in the middle. While watching
      the aerator sprinklers a shrill call announced a flyby of a Green
      heron in all his multicolored glory. He posed for viewing on a branch
      just above the water on the north end of the pond. Looked pretty
      comfortable there and may be a 'regular'. After some considerable
      bittern mimicry, he daintily stepped down and snacked on a small
      frog. Local duckery there and a small family of pied-billed grebes
      completed the show.

      Al Knoll