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5096Re: [CALBIRDS] Gray vireo question

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  • lbenner@charter.net
    Jun 9 10:51 AM
      Greetings everyone,

      In addition to Carruthers Canyon, Keystone Canyon on the northern side of the New York Mountains is also a good place for finding Grey Vireo, particularly at this time of year. The north side of Clark Mountain is also good. The birds that I've heard and/or seen were in pinyon-juniper habitat, sometimes extending down into the upper boundary with Joshua trees.

      To get into Carruthers, Keystone, and Clark Mountain it really helps to have a high clearance vehicle with four-wheel drive and sturdy tires. I went up to Clark Mountain once in my Saturn, but _only_ once...

      Lance Benner
      Altadena, CA

      ---- Jim Greaves <lbvi.man@...> wrote:
      > Where is a GOOD place to see Gray Vireo in California, where one is
      > relatively sure of seeing one, or more? I would really like to
      > finally see all the "gray" vireos [Least Bell's, Plumbeus, Gray]
      > before I get too old to see gray things in the shadows [no apology to
      > Art Bell] - Thanks! - Jim Greaves, Santa Barbara
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