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5095Re: Bird Calls

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  • Feather Forestwalker
    Jun 9, 2006

      Red-tailed Hawks are found throughout California - and a golf
      course would provide not only excellent hunting grounds, but excellent
      trees for cover, roosting and nesting.

      I just checked the map for Groveland and see that it is near the
      Sierra-Nevada mountains - which is PRIME habitat for Red-tailed Hawks
      - but if Red-tails are nesting in NYC and SF, I am sure they have
      adapted enough to nest near a golf course in or near the Sierra
      Nevada's of California. .

      Red-tailed Hawks are found pretty much throughout the North
      American continent, on up into Canada and down into Mexico.

      I am not sure why you would think there would be no Red-tailed
      Hawks in your area. . .??

      Perhaps you are confusing the RTH with some other species of hawk
      that is by far less common in California?

      Feather Forestwalker, Fort Bragg, CA

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