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  • Geoffrey Rogers
    Dec 1, 2005
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      I just got the latest catalog from Ciochon Natural History Books
      <natural-history-books.com> and of specific interest to those who bird
      southern California is a copy of Garrett & Dunn's Birds of Southern
      California: Status and Distribution. Although it can't compete with the San
      Diego County atlas for that area and is a bit dated (1981), it is the only
      work on status and distribution covering the entire southern California
      area at once. In addition to species accounts, bar graphs showing occurence
      and seasonal status reveal patterns that are still largely current. Due to
      a fire that destroyed the printing plates and many copies, it is scarce and
      a reasonably good buy at $60.00. More generally of interest are two copies
      of the AOU Check-list, Fifth Edition (1957) at $25.00 and $30.00. Until
      some future edition, this is the last to list all subspecies recognized by
      the AOU. The real find though, for someone, was a gilt-edged, four-volume
      set of Alexander Wilson's American Ornithology at $16,500.00.


      Geoffrey L. Rogers
      San Diego, CA