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4499Sharp-tailed Sandpiper- YOLO 10/31

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  • QuiAvisPetit@aol.com
    Oct 31, 2005
      Hey birders,
      Late this afternoon Dan Kopp and I went searching for Pectoral Sandpipers
      at Yolo Bypass Wildlife area in southern Yolo County. After finding 2
      PECTORAL SANDPIPERS, we were on our way out, nearing the end of the loop, when I
      spotted what I thought was another Pectoral. We stopped about 10ft away from the
      bird, which was a Juv. SHARP-TAILED SANDPIPER. I saw everything on this bird
      from the rufous crown, down to the streaks on the undertail converts.
      Unfortunately, having never seen a Sharp-tailed before I didn't know what I had and
      we had no field guide. I needed to be back for class so we drove off. The
      bird kept nagging me as we were leaving and while I was at home getting ready
      for class. Just before I was about to walk out the door it dawned on me what I
      had seen.
      After calling a few people I skipped class to try to refind it. I met
      John Sterling out there and we refound the bird in the same spot just before
      dusk. Unfortunately all the shorebirds flushed and we didn't refind it.

      Directions: Take hwy 80, exit on E. Chiles Rd, turn right. Then turn left
      onto the levee.
      From the Bypass take the auto loop past parking lot B, from there go
      straight until you come to a sort of intersection. There are big orange traffic
      cones, turn right. On your right will be a flooded field, on your left a deeper
      field. The Pectorals were on the right. Continue maybe 400 meters down to
      where the open water stops and it becomes more flooded grasses/stubble. The
      bird was only about 10-20ft from the road both times.

      Bird on!
      Daryl Coldren

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