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4415high flyin' CA birds

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  • Debbie Viess
    Oct 3 8:15 AM
      CA birders,
      Sorry for the cross-posting if you are also on the EBB list. I am
      still trying to puzzle out the migrant that we saw at our window. The
      closest match that I can come up with is a Taiga Orange-crowned Warbler
      (it was solidly unmarked gray on its head, breast and back, with a white
      eye stripe.couldn't see its butt in the dark). Would this be a possible
      migrant in the area above Lake Tahoe? Thanks for any help from our
      various CA birding mavens. D.V.

      This past weekend, I was up at Echo Lake Lodge, just west of Lake Tahoe
      along Hwy. 50. I was in the company of many mushrooming friends for a
      weekend of mushroom hunting and feasting, but of course I brought my
      binoculars; from the deck of the chalet, the birds were often at eye
      level. Goshawks were our dramatic, local accipiter, and my friend
      Howard, also a mushrooming birder, saw both Blue Grouse and a Merlin.
      The Clark's Nutcracker's must be anticipating a hard winter.their crops
      were bulging grotesquely with nuts, to the point where one flying by
      almost had the profile of a folded-neck heron! The Steller's jays were
      in raucous voice, and beautiful, fresh plumage; I especially liked the
      pale electric blue streaks on their heads. Saturday night, a plain,
      little gray bird with a faint white eye-line (vireo or warbler, lousy
      light at night) appeared at the window of our main room. It had been
      migrating over, but was captivated by either the light or its own
      reflection. At any rate, we had to turn off all of our lights to get it
      to go back on its journey. After a few minutes of dark, it disappeared.
      Happy trails, little fella.

      Debbie Viess
      Oakland, CA

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