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    Sep 9, 2005
      I had a bunch of nutmeg manakins at my feeder last winter. At least 4
      adults and 8-10 juveniles would mob the feeder and hold their own against
      house finches a third larger in size. Great-looking birds, but as you say
      they are exotics and appear to be increasing in numbers. I haven't seen
      them around (I live in L.A.) since early this year, but am actually
      hoping to see them return this fall/winter.
      I wondered at the time if anyone has done a population study in CA. From
      what I could tell, they are found all over the southern states and even
      in Northeastern states.

      Jennifer Jones

      Quoting "Paul S. Highland" <paul-kim@...>:

      > > I was walking my dog this morning with my binocs and admiring an
      > Orange
      > > Bishop, and cutting back through the shortcut, exiting the bike
      > trail, I
      > > came across a flock of six to eight birds fitting that description.
      > I
      > > knew they weren't Black Phoebes so out came the binocs. They were
      > Nutmeg
      > > Mannikins and they definitely are colonizing my neighborhood by the
      > Santa Ana River.
      > So how did these exotic birds get to California? Are they cage birds
      > being released illegally?
      > === Paul H!
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