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4341Re: [CALBIRDS] Yellow-billed Magpies & West Nile Virus

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  • Gary Zamzow
    Sep 4, 2005
      Hi Debbie,

      That is a good observation by your friend. Might be the work of an
      Accipiter. Hope so.

      I read that there are fewer reports of dead birds in the
      Davis/Sacramento area.
      It might be because the virus has run its course, or that there are
      fewer birds left to die.

      I'm still finding Magpies in my census area, and pockets of Magpies
      I hope that these have developed an immunity to the WNV, and will be
      nesting next spring.

      I don't see large flocks of Magpies flying in and out of Davis at dawn
      and dusk like I did last year at this time.
      I'll keep counting Magpies to document a trend, which as of now, is

      Thank you Debbie, and take care.
      Gary Zamzow
      Davis, CA

      On Sep 4, 2005, at 9:19 AM, Debbie Viess wrote:

      > Hi Gary,
      >   My data at this point on WNV in Stellers is circumstantial. A gal
      > that lives close by Huckleberry Preserve in the Oakland Hills tells me
      > that jays have been abundant at her feeders. If that is still
      > currently the case, then perhaps my concern has been misguided. The
      > feather piles and carcass could have been caused by an acciipiter. I
      > will continue to monitor, and let you know if I obtain more and better
      > data; if I find an intact carcass, I will send it off.
      > Debbie
      > Hi Debbie,
      > Is West Nile in the Bay Area, and the Oakland Hills?
      > If it is, and there are lots of mosquitos, Steller's Jays could be
      > vulnerable.
      > Please let me//us know if you hear anything about the Steller's.
      > Take care,
      > Gary Zamzow
      > Davis, CA
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