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4333Re: [CALBIRDS] Yellow-billed Magpies & West Nile Virus

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  • Lilith Mageborn
    Sep 1, 2005
      On my way back from a pelagic trip on Monday, I stopped at a rest stop on
      US 101 between Camp Roberts and Paso Robles. There was a Yellow-billed
      Magpie strutting all over the parking lot. I tried to get a picture of
      it with my digicam but it took exception to that (and I was sitting
      inside my truck in the shade). It flew up into a tree, scolding me, and
      finally flew off elsewhere. One other location I've seen YBMs is Morgan
      Hill in Santa Clara County, the northernmost reach of its range; a friend
      who lives there pointed them out to me in March 2003.

      Monday's YBM looked pretty lively to me and I hope it's one of the
      resistant ones.

      Sue Jorgenson
      Anaheim CA

      On Thu, 01 Sep 2005 15:28:06 -0700 Jim Greaves <lbvi.man@...>
      > Thanks. Wish it weren't true ... for the sake of the magpies and
      > other birds! :-(

      > At 10:03 PM 8/31/2005, Gary Zamzow wrote:
      > >[snipped]Hi Jim,
      > >Here is an article from the Sacramento Bee.
      > >The Davis Enterprise had an article today about the Yellow-billed
      > >Magpies, but
      > >it has not been posted on their web-site yet. I'll post it when
      > they
      > >post it.
      > >Take care.
      > >Gary Zamzow
      > >Davis, CA
      > >
      > >W. Nile's toll on birds is soaring
      > [snipped]
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