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4320Re: [CALBIRDS] Yellow-billed Magpies & West Nile Virus

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  • Jim Greaves
    Aug 31, 2005
      "dying by the hundreds"? Where are the data? Drops in bird numbers on
      local scales are normal in fall. It borders on hyperventilation to
      assume WNV is the cause when there could be other factors such as
      production in acorns to changes in vegetation to weather that could
      cause, either singly or in combination, local out-migrations of birds
      from areas where they "normally" abound. - Jim Greaves, Santa Barbara

      At 05:13 PM 8/31/2005, Gary Zamzow wrote:
      Yellow-billed Magpies and West Nile Virus
      Dear All,
      Yellow-billed Magpies are in trouble, and need your help.
      Some people in Davis are monitoring their numbers, and if you have any
      Magpies in your area, and would like to also monitor the populations please
      contact Bicycle Bird Biologists, and Magpie Monitors at:
      I have been counting Magpies for several months now, and their numbers
      are going down.
      Thank you.
      Gary Zamzow
      Davis, CA
      Below is a letter by Holly Ernest, who is the Magpie Count Coordinator.
      Hi Davis Bicycle Bird Biologists and Magpie Monitors (and those
      interested), California magpies have been dying by the hundreds these
      past weeks from West Nile Virus.

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