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4111Re: [CALBIRDS] Common Black-Hawk (ethical challenges)

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  • Jeff Davis
    Jun 6, 2005
      Stan Moore's response...

      With all due respect, I don't think it is seemly for a
      recreational birdwatcher to be carrying copies of the
      Civil Code in order to persuade landowners to allow
      them access to property. In the case of the dairy
      farmer I spoke to, his insurance agent had instructed
      him to not allow strangers on his property, and if I
      were that land owner, operating a business on his
      private land, I would be much more interested in what
      his insurance agent had to say than what some
      birdwatcher had to say.

      I can just imagine a birder telling such a landowner
      that his instructions from his insurance carrier are
      completely bogus, and then insisting to be allowed on
      the property. Very impressive -- NOT!

      My view is that a property owner does not even owe a
      birder any explanation for refusing entry, and
      overruling objections by some sort of interpretation
      or display of the law is itself a questionable

      This attitude of some birders of having some sort of
      "right" to enter private property by virtue of no
      liability is the same mentality that allows them to
      enter when no one is watching or otherwise without

      The fact that birders consider the opportunity to add
      a species to their "life list" as a form of "nature
      study" is also questionable, if not deceptive
      (self-deceptive, too). People who will bend the
      definiton of "study" will likely bend the definition
      of "ethics" and "legality" in my experience.

      Stan Moore San Geronimo, CA


      Jeff Davis
      Prather, CA
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