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4017May 15 Monterey Seabirds trip

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  • Roger Wolfe
    May 1, 2005
      Monterey Seabirds will be venturing out on the bay on May 15. Last May
      we were fortunate to see a pod of Killer Whales try to predate on a Gray
      Whale calf, our avian highlight was a FLESH-FOOTED SHEARWATER. That
      trip report can be viewed at

      The May 2003 trip featured 60 BLACK-FOOTED ALBATROSS.

      Birds reported on the bay yesterday were MARBLED and ANCIENT MURRELETS
      and 6 RED-NECKED GREBE. On the 29th, 8 Killer Whales were seen attacking
      a Gray Whale.
      The northward Gray Whale migration seems to be a bit behind schedule
      this year. The BBC is tracking a mother Gray Whale and her calf from
      Magdalena Bay. They had expected to be in Monterey by mid-April but now
      it looks like they won' arrive unitl the first of May. We stand a very
      good chance of seeing Killer Whales waiting for the Grays to cross over
      the canyon near Moss Landing.

      The Pt. Sur Clipper came out of dry dock this weekend with a new
      propeller, engines and coat of paint so she'll be ship shape.

      Don Roberson, Dan Singer,Todd Easterla and Richard Ternullo will be
      Cost is $80 per person. Go one 3 trips and the fourth is free.Details
      and online registration are at http://www.montereyseabirds.com

      Hope you can make it,
      Roger Wolfe for Monterey Seabirds
      Soquel, CA USA