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399[ANNOUNCE] CA Birding Lists Digest

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  • Dave Ranney
    Nov 1, 2001

      Last week's discussion of "cross-posting of rare birds" to the various
      regional CA birding lists inspired the creation of the CA Birding Lists
      Digest, which can be found at the following URL:


      The Digest compiles all messages to 23 CA birding lists and puts them on one
      easily navigable web page, sorted by date and organized by region and by
      list. This should make it much easier for California-based and visiting
      birders to find the most recent rare bird and general birding info for the
      state. Please read the FAQ for more information on how the Digest is
      compiled and which lists are included.

      As this is a new system, there will undoubtedly be bugs, and I hope that
      you'll notify me of any that you find so that they can be fixed quickly. I'd
      also love to hear any suggestions for improving the Digest.

      Please email me at dave at sialia dot com with any questions or comments you
      may have.


      -Dave Ranney
      dave at sialia dot com