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3933WFO 2005 Annual Meeting - Santa Maria, CA - Call for Papers

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  • Gjon Hazard
    Apr 2, 2005
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      Preparations are underway for the 2005 Annual Meeting of the Western Field
      Ornithologists (WFO). We'll be meeting in Santa Maria, California,
      September 28th through October 1st, a good time to take advantage of fall
      migration on the coast. We will have field trips and workshops along with
      the usual high-quality oral and poster presentations. If you're interested
      in presenting, please see the announcement below. If you're interested in
      learning more about WFO or if you would like to become more active in the
      organization, please contact me and I'll be happy to give you some
      additional information. You need not be a professional "ornithologist" to
      participate in WFO activities, all you need is an interest in birds and a
      curiosity to learn more.

      Feel free to forward this to your regional or local lists. Hope to see you


      Gjon C. Hazard
      Encinitas, California


      Call for Papers and Poster Presentations
      Western Field Ornithologists - 30th Annual Meeting

      28 September - 1 October 2005
      Santa Maria, California

      Abstracts are now being accepted for presentations and
      posters at the 30th annual meeting of Western Field
      Ornithologists, to be held 28 September - 1 October 2005
      in Santa Maria, California. Papers and posters presented
      at other conferences will be considered, provided that the
      material has not already been published in full manuscript
      form. Authors are responsible for ensuring that their text
      is accurate and professionally concise.

      Oral and poster presentations should reflect original
      research or summarize existing unpublished information,
      and should be presented in a manner that will be of
      interest to serious amateur field ornithologists. Talks
      and posters relating to the following special theme of the
      2005 meeting are especially solicited:

      * Status, distribution, conservation, and management of
      birds in human-dominated landscapes. Human-dominated
      landscapes in coastal California will be the primary
      focus, but we seek contributions on the avifauna of
      human-dominated landscapes anywhere in the West.

      Talks and posters relating to the following, more general,
      themes are also solicited:

      * Systematics and biogeography of the birds of the Pacific
      Coast region, the North American interior (including
      Mexico), and the interface between the two.

      * New information on field identification problems relevant
      to the birds of western North America and the eastern
      Pacific Ocean.

      * Techniques for field study of birds, including censusing,
      monitoring, and other methods; results of studies
      applying such techniques.

      All talks and posters should do the following: identify
      study objectives; describe study methods and data analysis;
      discuss the significance of the research; and propose
      future research directions.

      We expect to allot 15 minutes per oral presentation,
      including 3 minutes for questions and discussion.
      Dialogue between presenters and audience is a hallmark
      of all WFO meetings.

      Posters should fit within a width of six feet. Graphic
      materials, tables, and illustrations should be as simple
      as possible. Sequence the viewing of the poster with
      arrows, letters, or numbers so as to be self-explanatory.
      Text, graphics, and illustrations should be readable from
      a distance of at least four feet. Poster presenters are
      expected to be available for extensive discussion with
      meeting participants.

      An abstract of your presentation or poster should be
      submitted electronically to Ted Floyd <tedfloyd@...>.
      Please note that all queries and submissions must be via
      e-mail. All abstracts must be received by 15 May 2005 and
      should be submitted in exactly the following format:

      * YOUR LAST NAME, YOUR FIRST NAME. Your affiliation (if
      any), complete mailing address, e-mail address. Title of
      your talk. Brief (300-word maximum) summary of the
      objectives, methods, results, significance, and
      generality of your study.

      For more information about the meeting, visit the WFO web
      site at <www.wfo-cbrc.org>.

      We look forward to seeing you in Santa Maria!