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3901Borrego valley hawkwatch

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  • Paul Jorgensen
    Mar 14, 2005
      Here is an update of our hawkwatch totals for this spring in Borrego
      Valley-courtesy of Hal Cohen. The first Swainson's Hawks (25) were seen
      Feb. 5 but we did not start operating the daily watch til Feb 11.

      We wonder if the early birds were those known to winter in Mexico and
      if so when do Argentine birds reach Borrego. We also wonder where they
      roost (or stage) before and after reaching Borrego. Current studies shed
      some light but much of existing data collected by California researchers
      remains to be published and many migration questions remain unaddressed.
      Anyone with ideas or info please contact me.

      Paul Jorgensen
      California State Parks
      Colorado Desert District
      200 Palm Canyon Drive
      Borrego Springs, CA 92004
      phone: (760) 767-5748
      email: pjorgensen@...

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