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3826Re: [CALBIRDS] Mystery Accipiter!

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  • Fred Baker
    Feb 11, 2005
      That is actually a Batting Cage, I quess. (ie Baseballs used for batting practice) That would make the Hawk about the right size to be a Coopers. The other question is did the hawk ever get extricated from the batting cage?

      Fred Baker, Temecula
      Always watching, rarely active
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      Subject: [CALBIRDS] Mystery Accipiter!

      Hi, all!

      I've posted a photo taken by a friend of a friend that was taken in Los
      Angeles (he didn't have a date), who was unsure of its ID. Looks like a Cooper's
      to me, but if those are golf balls he's standing on, then he's awfully tiny!
      John would be interested in your views, so if you reply, please hit "reply
      all" in your response; thanks. The photo is on the Calbirds Yahoo site under
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