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3667late report of t-day weekend birds from NE Cal

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  • scre@aol.com
    Dec 1, 2004
      Over the Thanksgiving weekend Matt Brady, Daryl Coldren and I birded Inyo, Mono, Lassen, Modoc, and Siskiyou Counties. The highlights were 2 TRUMPETER SWANS and an interesting Bewick's/Whooper Swan adult and possible juv at Lower Klamath NWR. This brief trip report was partial written by Matt.

      Thursday, 25, INYO: Female Vermillion Flycatcher
      continues at Bishop Sewer Ponds, Black Rosy-Finch at
      Aspendell does not, Harris Sparrow at Millpond County
      Park was. Check <www.esaudubon.org/birds> for

      Thursday, 25, MONO: Cackling, GWF, Snow Geese, Tundra
      Swans at Owens River Mouth, north end of Crowley Lake.
      Downy Woodpecker at Mono County Park.

      Friday, 26, LASSEN: Bohemian Waxwing, with Ceders,
      north end of Susanville. Northern Shrike, Black
      Pheobe across the street from Felming Unit, Honey Lake
      NWR. Honey Lake is closed until mid-Jan. Western Gull continues at the south end of Eagle Lake.
      Third year here for this bird? 3 Horned Grebes were at the NW end of the lake as well.

      Saturday, 27, MODOC: White-throated Sparrow along
      Willow Street in Ft Bidwell, across the street from
      the Llamas. Two Harris' Sparrows at intersection of
      County Rd 13A and the main road through Surprise
      Valley (I forget its name). Eurasian Wigeon at Modoc
      NWR. More Slate-colored Juncos than you could shake a
      stick at, and plenty of Jays that were blue, but no
      Blue Jays. At the road that crosses the south end of Goose Lake we had about 100 Lapland Longspurs feeding on the edge of the of the lake with a large flock of Horned Larks. No Shrikes

      Sunday, 28, SISKIYOU: No Redpoll, but Black Pheobe,
      Red-sholdered Hawk at Tule Lake NWR HQ. We had no swans in Whites Lake but hundreds of swans in the pond just west of the entrance road to Lower Klamath NWR from Stateline road. These two birds and the two adult Trumpeter Swans were in a group of about 50 birds that were along side the entrance road from Stateline road about 1 mile south of the entrance at Stateline Road. At Whites Lake we did have a flyover Lapland Longspur. Also only shrike was a Loggerhead.
      Also there were ~6 Eurasian Wigeons.

      David Vander Pluym
      Santa Cruz