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3627Re: [CALBIRDS] "birdwatchers are the worst"

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  • MiriamEagl@aol.com
    Nov 17, 2004
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      Hi, all!

      In a message dated 11/16/2004 11:58:45 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      kgarrett@... writes:

      Second, I am not aware of any behavioral studies that support the absurd
      suggestion that birders terrify wrens (etc.) by looking at them through
      binoculars. Sometimes we birders are tempted to believe that binoculars
      scare birds because birds sometimes fly off as soon as we get them in
      our bins.

      Maybe this has been addressed already, but a guide on a tour to Venezuela
      (who was using a Questar) says that sometimes the sun will reflect in the lens
      and flash in such a way that it startles the bird, so I wouldn't be surprised
      if that's what happens a lot (but I wouldn't think that qualifies as "scaring
      the pants" off the birds).

      Mary Beth Stowe
      San Diego, CA
      _www.miriameaglemon.com_ (http://www.miriameaglemon.com)

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