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3513Humboldt Bar-tailed Godwit

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  • migratoriusfwlr@cs.com
    Oct 6, 2004
      Hi all,
      Yesterday Sean Mcallister found a bird that he thought had the characters of a Bar-tailed Godwit. This bird was found in a flock of M. Godwits on the southwestern-most portion of Cock Robin Island in Humboldt County. Pictures were sent to some of the "pros" and was decided that it was indeed a Bar-tailed (the size of the bird was the only thing in question-size of a smaller Marbled G). Today Kerry Ross, Matt Wachs and I went out to Cock Robin Island and after walking about 2 miles, through sand, we found the bird in the same location that Sean had found it yesterday {this, bye the way, is Sean's third (I think that's what he told me?) BTGO that he has found in Humboldt!!!}. The bird is a juvenile and is on the large side for Bar-tailed, meaning it is probably a female. Kerry and I both got some photos (Kerry especially got some awesome shots). If anybody feels like coming up to the Humboldt nation to find the bird feel free to e-mail me for directions. Thanks Sean for finding yet another Bar-tailed!!!! Nice bird!!!

      Rob Fowler
      Arcata, CA.