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3324RE: [CALBIRDS] Re: Who's On First?

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  • Jim Gain
    Jul 31, 2004
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      I am curious as to why the AOU list has Anseriformes/Anatidae first; Sibley
      and Monroe has Galliformes/Phasianidae first; Howard and Moore has
      Galliformes/Odontophoridae first; and Clements has Gaviiformes/Gaviidae
      first (this last one is now obvious).

      Are there more dramatic changes in store in the near future that the AOU
      will adopt? I would rather not have to rearrange the Stanislaus County bird
      list to follow the AOU list as it is now, and then have to change next year
      when the AOU decides to follow Sibley and Monroe or Howard and Moore.

      I guess I should just prepare for constant change in the near future.

      Jim Gain




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      Rest assured that the California Bird Records Committee now follows AOU
      exactly in its checklists and other publications, as does the ABA Checklist

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