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3323Re: [CALBIRDS] Re: Who's On First?

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  • Kimball Garrett
    Jul 31 11:38 AM
      At 11:11 AM 7/30/2004 -0700, Bruce Deuel wrote:
      >While I wholeheartedly agree with Don that the AOU SHOULD be the sole
      >arbiter on taxonomy and list sequence in North America, there is
      >precendence for other actions. When the WFO (then CFO) and CBRC
      >published its first checklist in 1972 there were splits, lumps, and
      >species orders that differed from the AOU list in effect at the time.
      >Some of these were in anticipation of future decisions by the AOU, and
      >most actually took place, but a few never did.
      >Were I on the state committee now I would recommend we do as Don
      >suggests and always follow the decisions of the AOU checklist committee,
      >as I believe it leads to less confusion in the long run.


      Rest assured that the California Bird Records Committee now follows AOU
      exactly in its checklists and other publications, as does the ABA Checklist
      Committee. The original California checklist, published in California
      Birds volume 1, number 1 in 1970, was written prior to the establishment of
      the CBRC, and its authorship overlapped only partially with the initial
      membership of the Committee. Furthermore, that checklist and the 1972
      "official CBRC checklist" that followed it were published at a time when
      the most recent AOU checklist (1957) was quite out of date, and most of the
      proposed changes were in fact adopted by the AOU in their next published
      supplements shortly afterward. The temptation to publish lists that depart
      from AOU has lost any justification since the AOU begain to publish
      checklist supplements every other year (and, now, annually).

      As Don Roberson has already mentioned, the placement of the "Galloanseres"
      (ducks and chickens) before the remaing Neognathae ("Typical Birds") but
      after the Paleognathae (ratites -- not especially relevant to California)
      is well-accepted and corroborated by numerous independent lines of
      evidence; so this change, now published by the AOU, should be reflected in
      all checklists. So far about the only holdout is North American Birds in
      their regional reports, and I suspect that will change soon.

      -- Kimball
      Kimball L. Garrett
      Ornithology Collections Manager
      Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
      900 Exposition Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90007 USA
      213-746-2999 FAX
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