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3167Tulare Grace's Warbler movie

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  • les_lieurance
    May 31, 2004
      The Grace's Warbler continued in Tulare County today, Monday May 31,
      2004. Cindy and I stopped by around 10:30 am and immediately heard
      it singing, which it continued to do during our entire visit. It
      has been frequenting the Chimney Peak Campground. More complete
      directions and description are at:


      A 1.3MB Windows Media 9 movie file has been uploaded:


      These few frames were captured before the camera malfunctioned. The
      picture has been slowed down 10x and so the audio is not in sync.
      There are two songs between the barks of the canine on the track.

      I'll try to make a QuickTime version soon.

      Les Lieurance
      San Francisco