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3067Magnificent Hummingbird

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  • Robert Hewitt
    Apr 13 8:30 PM
      Dear Birders,

      The hummingbird was present again today, we have had light showers mixed in with sunshine and clouds, not too cold. An Allen's is getting in on the act and so is the more passive Annas. The homeowners have purchased another feeder to hopefully reduce competition but who knows - 5 days so far.

      At this stage the homeowners will be taking Sunday off and thus no visitation will be allowed. I had checked with them on how we were to deal with interest generated by Godwit Days attendees this coming weekend and we agreed on two trips, one in the morning (0900) and another in the evening (1815). I spoke too soon when I discussed this for Saturday and Sunday, as it will only be available Saturday - my bad.

      There will be a small donation fee that will go to the local Redwood Region Audubon Society prior to the carpool heading over to Pigeon Point Road from the community center. To avoid over-bothering the hosts, could anybody related to Godwit Days attendance please request visitation through us. The reception desk at Godwit Days will have a sign up sheet and is open from 1600 on Friday.

      Yours Rob

      Robert W. Hewitt
      Director, LBJ Enterprises www.birdjobs.com
      1707 E Street #5, Eureka, CA 95501

      (707) 442-0339, fax (707) 260-0632, cell (707) 845-3189

      Godwit Days Steering Committee www.godwitdays.com
      April 16-19, 2004 9th Annual, 232 species cumulative.

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