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  • Dick Konz
    Mar 1, 2004
      Hello San Francisco area birders,
      I will be visiting my daughter for one week, March 9 -16 and plan to
      bird within several hours drive of Belmont where I will be staying.
      Here is my target (hope) list: Prarie Falcon, Vaux's Swift, California
      Thrasher, Lawrence's Goldfinch. Then also Cassin's Vireo, Pinyon Jay,
      Blue Grouse, N.Pygmy Owl, Common Poorwill, Black Swift, Rock Sandpiper.
      I realize the latter group probably involves a longet drive into the
      mountains. I thought I might try Mines Road. Am I going to be too
      early in the season? What about trying Half Moon Bay for Rock
      Sandpiper, etal? Is anyone familiar with the Crystal Springs Reservoir
      which is very close to my daughter's house and she tells me has recently
      been opened up to hikers?
      Last year there were several postings regarding Vaux's Swift not too
      far from San Francisco as I recall but, I can't find them. Does anyone
      remember them? Does anyone have any other spots to bird that are good
      mid March?

      Dick Konz
      P.S. Anyone wanting birding info on SW Florida that's where I am.

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