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2665Re: [CALBIRDS] habitat politics

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  • kmburton
    Nov 1, 2003
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      I think it's important to keep in mind what these fires mean in real terms.
      Even people on this list have lamented the "loss" of treasured birding
      sites. These sites have not been lost; they've been altered temporarily.
      Granted, they will not return to pre-fire conditions in our lifetimes, but
      this is all part of a natural process. Don't we all get excited by seeing
      new birds in old places? These burn areas will be chock-full of new birds
      for years to come. Dick Hutto at Montana is convinced that even
      "catastrophic" fires are an essential part of most forest ecosystems; his
      studies show higher abundance and diversity in post-burn sites and some
      species are almost obligate burn specialists.

      It's much harder to garner public support for shrub and grassland habitats
      than treed ones. Apparently, even birders have fallen into this trap.
      While the loss of human life and property is lamentable, these fires are an
      ecological disaster ONLY if they provide fuel for developers.

      Ken Burton
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      > Even before the fires of Southern California fall to natural control by
      > and rain, already we have political precipitation from those who would
      like to
      > blame everything on the conservation community. Please see link below to
      > article posted today by "the weekly Standard," by a "contributing editor,"
      > Hugh Hewitt, who casually mentions that "as a lawyer representing
      > landowners," in the past he was angered and frustrated by agencies
      attempting to put a
      > rein on development at the cost of some habitat and species preservation.
      > Don't worry. You have only begun to hear this sort of critique, at all
      > levels ascending to the halls of Congress. Be prepared!
      > Alan Birnbaum
      > Fresno, CA
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