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2588Magnificent Hummingbird

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  • Guy McCaskie
    Oct 12, 2003
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      A female Magnificent Hummingbird is present in San Diego. The bird was
      found by Norm Shrout (recent resident of Arizona) on Saturday morning and
      seen by a number of the local San Diego birders this afternoon. The bird is
      frequenting the extreme southeastern corner of Kate O. Sessions Park in
      Pacific Beach. To reach this location from southbound I-5, exit I-5 at
      Garnet Avenue and proceed west about 2.5 miles to Lamont Street. Turn right
      on Lamont Street and follow it north for just over one mile to the southwest
      corner of Kate O. Sessions Memorial Park. A short distance more to the
      north on Lamont is Park Drive. Turn right onto Park Drive and park in the
      public parking closest to the east. Walk down the grass covered slope to
      the southeast corner of the park. The hummingbird has been frequenting the
      area with large blue flowers along the fence-line.
      The area south of the fence-line is private homes. Please remain quiet, and
      respect the local residences' privacy.

      Thank you,

      Guy McCaskie
      954 Grove Avenue
      Imperial Beach, CA 91932
      TEL 619-423-7524
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