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233Re: [CALBIRDS] shank YES Sat. 9-8

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  • Adam Winer
    Sep 8, 2001
      On Saturday, September 8, 2001, at 04:52 PM, dfxjcp@...

      >> The greenshank was seen today about 2:00 and again about 2:45 at
      >> the Mad
      > River estuary w. of McKinleyville, CA. It spent some time in a narrow
      > high-tide slough northeast of the river mouth, feeding alone, and
      > then flew
      > southward back into the heart of the estuary. It was not seen opposite
      > School Road or from the Mad R. park side during the day up to the
      > time Jude
      > and I left.

      At 7:45AM today, I saw the greenshank fly onto the east bank of the
      Mad River
      (the section accessed by trails off the end of Ocean Road.) It spent a
      few minutes feeding at very close range before flying off by itself
      to the
      north. I believe Steve Rovell saw it flying upstream past this area
      ca. 1/2 hour later. Directions have been given before, but I'll repeat:

      Just before the end of School Road, turn north on Ocean Road. Park
      at its intersection with Hiller. Walk north along the brief gravel
      portion of Ocean Road to its end, then continue on the wide dirt
      A little past an intersection with another wide trail, turn left
      on a narrow, somewhat obscure dirt trail. Follow this to the bluff,
      then down a steep trail to the beach. From here, you can walk
      upstream (south).

      A major advantage of this location over the end of School Road
      (and the reason I was there at that hour) is that birding is
      possible even in the fog.

      Many thanks to David Fix for keeping all of us up to date on this bird!
      I'd never have gone after it if weren't for his e-mails.

      Good luck,
      Adam Winer
      San Mateo, CA
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