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2256Nesting Black-backed Woodpeckers

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  • jonesbirds
    Jun 23, 2003
      Hi Birders

      In Regards to a posting dated Fri. June 20,2003 by Richard C. Carlson
      (subject: Black-backed WP nest-rccarl). I would like to thank Richard
      very much for the "GREAT" Directions to this location, which can be
      found in his posting.

      Today 06/22/03 myself my wife and son went to Paige Meadows South of
      Tahoe City from Dixon to find the nesting Black-backed Woodpeckers,
      they were right were Richard said they would be. The young can still
      be heard in the nest. The Female was a little upset with us being in
      the area, so we only stayed for a few minutes before heading back to
      our vehicle.

      We knew it was going to be a good day, knowing right were to find the
      Woodpeckers, but before we got to the Woodpeckers my son found a Blue
      Grouse with 8 chicks scratching around the ground for food only 15
      feet from us. She didn't seam to care that we were there, so we
      watched here for a few minutes, then headed on our way. We were only
      in the area for about 30 minutes before the "Mosquito's" got the best
      of us. Other birds seen in the meadows were Steller's Jays, Fox
      Sparrow's, Blue Grosbeak's, Dark-eyed Junco's "Oregon", American
      Robin's and one Hermit Warbler.

      Good Birding

      Evan Jones
      Dixon, CA.
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