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2152recordings of Parulas

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  • sevenbullsboy
    May 12, 2003
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      I am doing work on the vocalizations of Parulas, and am seeking
      recordings of singing Parulas out of range. With the recent discovery
      of several in California, i was hoping someone might make recordings
      of them. I am also interested in Parulas recorded in the past. Anyone
      who would be willing to share recordings with me for sonographing and
      analysis would be much appreciated for their efforts, and
      acknowledged in all publications resulting from this study. Thanks
      for your time, and any help you might provide.

      tony gallucci
      hunt, kerr county, texas

      http://fly.to/sevenbullsboy (personal)
      http://flying.to/KerrFauna (The Fauna and Flora of Kerr and Trinity
      Counties, Texas)
      http://TexasNature.RulestheWeb.com (Texas Nature Writers archive)