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2023Monterey Seabirding

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  • Roger Wolfe
    Mar 30, 2003
      Two weeks from today on April 13 Monterey Seabirds will embark on our
      first pelagic trip of the spring. In the last two weeks our skipper
      Richard Ternullo has seen a Laysan Albatross and a Manx Shearwater in
      the course of whale watching trips. Just think what may show up with a
      longer trip farther offshore, diligent chumming and the watchful eyes of
      experienced seabirders!

      . If you come on three trips the fourth is free. These trips are a great
      opportunity for birders to learn their seabirds not just tick them off a
      life list. The more time you spend out on the water observing these
      birds the better you will become at identifying them.. At $70 per person
      they may be the best pelagic birding trips in terms of value.

      For an excellent overview of the seabirds and marine mammals that can be
      seen off Monterey check out Don Roberson's site

      Two of the six sightings of Short-tailed Albatross reported from
      Monterey have been in the spring. Todd Easterla will be leading.

      Go to http://www.montereyseabirds.com for more info. and online
      registration or call 831.375-4658

      Roger Wolfe for Monterey Seabirds
      Monterey Bay
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