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1872Re: [SFBirds] Bay Area birds

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  • Robert Hewitt
    Jan 31, 2003
      Dear Birders,

      I recently enjoyed my visit to the San Francisco Flyway Festival in Vallejo.
      Attendance was lively and I sold a good number of books and optics. Myrna
      Hayes and her crew should be congratulated on an event that continues to get
      better. On a side note two "bay-traversing" trips latter I was able to see
      the Brown Booby at Princeton, Sunday (Jan 27) evening around 5pm, brief
      looks as it disappeared after I went to my notes but a very nice sighting.

      After the weekend heading north on Monday at the Gallinas Sewage ponds off
      the Lucas Valley exit on 101 there were three Snow Geese, about 6
      Greater-white-fronted Geese and an Eurasian Wigeon, as well as the usual
      assortment of waterbirds. A Short-eared Owl along Hwy 37 during the rush
      hour was a final addition for Sonoma County.

      With that report I would like to add a promotion for the upcoming Godwit
      Days festival, this Easter as it turns out (April 18-20, 2003). We have
      incorporated shopping cart technology at the web site www.godwitdays.com and
      offer over 80 trips including spotted owl daytime visits two Pelagic trips
      and more, so you can register anytime you want. Please check the web site
      if you are so inclined and I will continue to prompt you with the event
      promotions. If you have any difficulties, call the Arcata Mainstreet Office
      on the 1-800-908-WING during business hours and they will get you booked in.
      Festivals really work to broaden the base of birding here in California and
      I encourage all birders of what ever experience level to participate and
      support these events.

      Yours Rob, (no longer boobyless after 12 years of trying!!)

      Rob Hewitt (Director)
      LBJ Enterprises
      Eureka, CA
      (707) 442-0339 wk (707) 260 0632 fax (707) 845 3189 cell

      Godwit Days Festival Steering Committee
      www.godwitdays.com - April 18-20, 2003
      Keynote speaker Kenn Kaufman