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1645Re: [CALBIRDS] RFI for Orange Bishop in the LA area for an out of town birder

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  • Charles Bragg
    Dec 11, 2002
      At 07:48 PM 12/10/2002 -0500, Birders2@... wrote:

      >My sightings of the Pinyon Jays have been in the Lone Pine - Bishop area.
      >Does anyone know of other places where they maybe seen closer to LA or in
      >that area during the last weeks of December?

      It doesn't happen every year, but last Butterbredt Christmas Count we had a large flock (40) noshing among the Joshua trees on the Butterbredt road.

      -- Chuck

      PS: who are you? No signature, but the address seems strangely familiar.....
      Chuck Bragg, Pacific Palisades, CA
      Membership Chair
      Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society:
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