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1436Red-throated Pipit on San Clemente Island

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  • HeraldPetrel@aol.com
    Oct 1, 2002
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      Today John Brollini and I tracked down a Red-throated Pipit at Lemon Tank, a
      first for San Clemente Island. I heard a suspicious bird yesterday afternoon
      while birding the area, but could not locate the bird before I had to leave.
      After consulting with Marshall Iliff about the flight call of RTPI it
      inspired me to go out and have another look. As if on cue, just as I was
      discussing the flight note that I heard with Brollini, the bird popped out of
      the grass, allowed an identification, then flew off calling. It returned to
      the area and allowed close approach several times.

      Other birds of note were two Clay-colored Sparrows yesterday, three Greater
      White-fronted Geese, and a male Lawrence's Goldfinch.


      Brian Sullivan
      Institute for Wildlife Studies
      PO Box 357054
      San Diego, CA


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