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1393Re: [CB] Crescent City Pelagic Results (Del Norte County) 9-14-2002

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  • John Sterling
    Sep 17, 2002
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      Just a correction.....Rob Hewitt posted the Prothonotary Warbler sighting
      via email, but Gjon Hazard was the one who should get the credit for finding
      the bird. Or so that was what I was told by those that were there.....

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      > CALBIRDS, NWCALBIRD, County Birders:
      > Results (highlights) of Crescent City Pelagic (Del Norte County) 9-14-2002
      > (lacking actual total counts):
      > Black-footed Albatross (at least 7 seen together at one time)
      > Northern Fulmar
      > Pink-footed Shearwater
      > Flesh-footed Shearwater
      > Buller's Shearwater
      > Sooty Shearwater
      > Red-necked Phalarope
      > Pomarine Jaeger
      > Parasitic Jaeger
      > Long-tailed Jaeger
      > California Gull
      > Herring Gull
      > Western Gull
      > Common Tern
      > Sabine's gull
      > Common Murre
      > Thick-billed Murre* (first county record?)
      > Pigeon Guillemot
      > Marbled Murrelet (at least 4)
      > Xanthus' Murrelet (2)
      > Cassin's Auklet
      > Rhinoceros Auklet
      > Afterwards several of us drove to the Elk River Trail behind the Safeway
      > Market in Crescent City where Rob Hewitt had found a Prothonotary Warbler
      > the day before. We did find a warbler flock of at least 40 birds
      > mostly Orange-crowned and Yellow Warblers in addition to a Black-throated
      > Gray Warbler, a Nashville Warbler, a Willow Flycatcher, a single
      > Golden-crowned Sparrow, and a single Lark Sparrow.
      > We could not resist a check of the end of Vipond Drive/Lake Loop Road at
      > South-west corner of Lake Earl where Alan Barron had found a Wood
      > on the 12th. The Wood Sandpiper had probably long departed. There was a
      > small assortment of Least and Western Sandpipers, and a Semipalmated
      > --
      > Mike Feighner, Livermore, CA, Alameda County
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