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1364Saturday birds

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  • lori conrad
    Sep 2 8:48 AM
      Hi all

      Yesterday we birded our way up the coast to end up at the Santa Clara river mouth, & had a few nice birds.
      At Big Sycamore Canyon, we had a juvie Black Throated Sparrow by the bridge. No sign of the N. Waterthrush, but the creek (& the entire campground!) was full of shrieking young 'uns.
      At McGrath, we were disapointed to find out, after paying our entrance fees of course, that the river there is full of water. No habitat for shorebirds. We drove around to the other side, parked in the Surfer's Point pkg lot, & walked out to the river from that direction. On a small sandy island about 30 feet from the place where we emerged from the greenery was a Baird's Sandpiper, that gave us great looks. He was the only bird there, besides Coots!
      On our way home, we stopped by the LA River at Burbank Blvd, & saw the previously reported Pectoral Sandpiper, & a female Purple Martin was flying around just south of the bridge.

      Lori Conrad
      Hermosa Beach, CA

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