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  • Alison Sheehey
    Aug 11, 2002
      Hi All,

      I am working on creating a map of the best birding areas in California
      for an article I am co-authoring.

      The article focuses on birding in the Kern River Valley, but people
      frequently ask how to get to other great birding areas after they visit
      here. I know of many areas, but thought I would pose this question to
      Cal Birders.

      Where would you direct out of state, or country visitors in your area?

      Please post the name and address and general vicinity of the birding
      area. If there are specific intriguing birds or just a great migrant
      trap, that information would be helpful as well.

      Thanks in advance.


      P.S. I will post the map on my NatureAli.com website when I finish
      rendering it.

      Alison Sheehey
      P.O. Box 1645
      Mountain Mesa, CA

      Nature Ali - www.NatureAli.com *
      Educating the world about Kern County, *
      California's unique biodiversity. *
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