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11516MASKED/NAZCA BOOBY-San Mateo County

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  • Batkin, Leonie F
    Aug 25, 2014

      Hi Calbirders,

      Forwarding a message regarding a Masked/Nazca Booby, see message below.  Ron saw a juvenal-plumaged Masked/Nazca Booby pass by headed south from Moss Beach seawatch.

      Leonie for Ron


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      Subject: [pen-bird] MASKED/NAZCA BOOBY




      There was ( 8 ) mile visibility at Half Moon Bay early this morning. So, I was out the 

      door to Moss Beach for a seawatch.


      Time ( 07:00-09:30 )  Sky high overcast  Visibility clear out to near the horizon 

      Wind south 7 knots


      At ( 07:50 ) I got on a booby coming in from the north. Passing straight out from

      where I was scoping it was a juvenal-plumaged MASKED/NAZCA BOOBY.  

      What I observed I was able to eliminate Brown Booby and Blue-footed Booby.

      I noted the features of the Masked/Nazca Booby, but I could not get a good view 

      if it had a white collar or was lacking one. I watched it flying south until it was out 

      of sight. 


      Other birds noted during the seawatch


      ( 3,000 ) Sooty Shearwaters were flying north. There were ( 52 ) Black-vented

      Shearwaters with most flying with the Sooty Shearwaters. There was

      ( 1 ) Pink-footed Shearwater. ( 3 ) Adult pale morph Parasitic Jaegers were

      trailing Elegant Terns south. Brandt's Cormorants flying north had a leucistic

      individual standing out among the group. The only shorebirds southbound were

      ( 78 ) Red-necked Phalaropes.


      Ron Thorn