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11491RE: [CALBIRDS] Eureka Gull--massive LBBG?

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  • Alvaro Jaramillo
    Aug 3 8:49 AM



         The San Mateo Lesser BB was also a big huge one, it was found by Belgian biologists who studied Lesser Black-backed Gull (one of them Peter Adriens). They remarked about how big the bird was, but they thought it was a Lesser Black-backed. I don’t think that Peter thought it was a Heuglin’s but I could be wrong. Several of the CA Lessers have been big, not sure why.




      Alvaro Jaramillo




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      The Elk River gull has not turned up this morning, although gull numbers are lower and it was present all day yesterday (gulls are out foraging now). Current consensus is tending toward a very large male Lesser Black-backed Gull. Barring two unreviewed records of Heuglin's-type gulls, this would be Humboldt's first record (although it could be a taxonomically-questionable Asian bird as well).

      Tristan McKee
      Arcata, CA

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