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    Aug 2, 2014
      Howdy, Calbirders,

      The highlight of Shearwater Journeys's pelagic trip departing from Half Moon Bay today was a HAWAIIAN PETREL which was spotted by Scott Terrill as it flew up the wake to an awesome-sauce slick more than a mile long that I spent over an hour laying out. This gorgeous petrel flew up the side of the boat and off the bow, giving every single person on board excellent views! It was a life bird for many on board. 

      Many other seabirds sparked a lot of excitement, including SCRIPPS'S and CRAVERI'S MURRELETS; BLACK and ASHY STORM-PETREL and SABINE'S GULLS. We missed the MARBLED MURRELETS in the morning, but LInda Terrill spotted two on the ride home! 

      Many thanks to the dynamic duo leaders: Scott & Linda Terrill who've been leading trips with Shearwater Journeys for several decades, beginning  with bringing their young children, Ryan and Jennifer, in tow! I'll make a full report with photographs next week. Tomorrow, I head out to the Farallon Islands from Sausalito.

      Amazingly, this is precisely the same date that I spotted a Hawaiian Petrel on our 2013 Monterey Bay pelagic trip. Dave Pavlik who was doing a Conservation Big Year was on that trip and today's trip. Perhaps he has "petrel luck."

      Our next trips from Half Moon Bay with spaces available are:
      AUGUST 16, 17, 23 (limited spaces available)
      SEPTEMBER 7, 8, 15, 21, 24
      OCTOBER 5, 12

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