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11386[CALBIRDS] Kern Birdiest Count Imminent: 3:30pm, Thu-3:30pm, Sun

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  • Bob Barnes
    Apr 28 4:48 PM


      This reminder email is being sent to the four California list servs
      which cover all or portions of Kern County. My apologies in advance
      to those of you who do not appreciate receiving multiple postings
      with the identical announcement.

      The Kern Birdiest Count is almost upon us. If you find yourself in
      Kern County anytime during the 72 hour count period from 3:30pm this
      coming Thursday (May 1st) through 3:30pm this coming Sunday (May
      4th), even just passing through Kern County, please submit a list of
      your bird detections to me via bbarnes@... in case one or
      more of the species you detect is new to the overall Kern list for
      the event. Although not absolutely necessary, if you know you plan to
      bird Kern County anytime during the count period and will let me know
      the where and when, it will help determine where coverage will be
      expected to be excellent and where gaps in coverage may be filled. Thank you!

      Birders from surrounding counties or elsewhere who can squeeze in any
      valuable spring birding hours in Kern into your overall birding plans
      during the count time period are heartily welcome as many of you live
      closer to some critical-to-success Kern birding locations than many
      of the most active birders in Kern Co. (e.g.: Kings, Los Angeles, San
      Luis Obispo, Tulare, and Ventura) - locations such as northern
      Antelope Valley bordered by Los Angeles Co., the Mt. Pinos region
      bordered by Los Angeles Co. and Ventura Co., the Yellow-billed Magpie
      location along CA Hwy 43 just over the border from SLO Co., western
      Kern Co. as accessed rom SLO Co., northern Kern County bordered by
      Kings Co., and Tulare Co.

      Count updates will be posted on the kerncobirding list serv. The
      first update will be sent out Thursday night or very early Friday
      morning with the list of species reported for 3:30pm Thursday through
      to the time the update is sent. The update will list "missing"
      species first followed by those already reported.

      Further updates will take place periodically which in past years was
      either each evening/night and/or early each morning before heading
      out for birding for the day.

      The annual Kerncrest Audubon Society Bird-a-thon is interfaced as it
      is set for Saturday, May 3, 2014, the results of which will likely
      add a significant number of species to the overall total as in past years.

      Regardless of where you go birding in California during the Kern
      birdiest count period,...

      Continued Happy & Productive 2013 Birding,

      Bob Barnes, Ridgecrest, Kern County, California

      Cell: 760-382-1260

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